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To be the world’s largest fashion media is a great achievement, but collaborating with us takes it to greater heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to get FashionTV’d! Get more than 100 premium products with FTV Licensing.

Brand licensing provides a strategic partnership between two entities where one allows the other to use its brand name, logo, or trademark in exchange for a fee or royalty. It's a mutually beneficial agreement that allows the licensee to leverage the brand's existing reputation, goodwill, and customer loyalty to market and sell products or services. Overall, brand licensing serves as a powerful strategy for driving growth, extending brand reach, and capitalizing on the value of intellectual property assets.

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Step into the world of fashion with our FTV license, empowering businesses to elevate their brand presence and tap into the thriving fashion industry. From apparel and innerwear to athleisure and sleepwear, with our licensing opportunities, you can craft premium quality products to align with your brand, tap into the global fashion market, and captivate your audience.

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